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Welcome to our Blood Drive For Life through communal blood giving!   Please join our 56ers for our upcoming blood drive, Saturday, August 13, 2016 (local flyer). Details »

In addition to providing you with the means to contact the American Red Cross to schedule a blood donation we offer our Blood Blog below entitled Connect to explore with you what it means to give blood together as a global community. Please add your reply by clicking on comment and fill out the reply form at the bottom of the blog. Also, if you have additional feedback or questions please email Info@BloodDriveForLife.com.

We also offer support for those 1st Timers who have never given before. If you decide to give blood for the first time during our Blood Drive For Life, please let us know by emailing Info@BloodDriveForLife.com; let us know where and when you’re giving and we will do our best to be there with you.

Furthermore, we have a team of folks, The 56ers, who give as often as they can, 56 days being the shortest cycle allowed by the American Red Cross between blood donations. Please check out The 56ers page and join us if this moves you.