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Only Connect

April 23rd, 2014 | Posted by MDI in Only Connect!

Only connect!” wrote E.M. Forster. “That was the whole of her sermon.”

He continues–

“Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted,
And human love will be seen at its height.
Live in fragments no longer.
Only connect…”

I have loved that simple admonition for years. “Only connect.” Simple, sound, lifetime advice. When you don’t know what else to do, “only connect.”

We can connect in a multitude of ways, as our digital world continues to evolve. We connect at team meetings. In MDI, we take a stand for men connecting, for iron sharpening iron, for creating space for that to happen.

As Forster notes, we need “live in fragments no longer.”

Only connect.

Now, though, and further, here’s another meaning of connect.

Dan Kempner discovered, on our behalf, that blood, though a fluid, is technically a connective tissue, serving a “connecting” function, supporting and binding other tissues.

For us, hanging out in MDI, looking ahead to our annual blood drive, that’s like a hanging curve ball, begging to be hit over the Green Monstah of Fenway Park. Instead of connecting prose and passion, we’re connecting the connective nature of blood with our own connective natures and thereby “exalting both,” as Forster writes.

Only connect.

Submitted by Craig Jones


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