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The 56ers


Did you know that you can donate blood every 56 days? The 56ers are dedicated to swinging through by giving blood, the gift of life, every 56 days, two cycles of the moon. If you’re already a 56er we’d love to connect with you as well!

Join us and schedule your repeat appointment when you donate! Email us at Info@BloodDriveForLife.com  and we’ll let you know when The 56ers are going. Sometimes we have breakfast together at a nearby diner on Saturday mornings before we go.

‘Why do we do this?’, you may ask and many others have asked. We don’t have any one answer.  There’s just something about it. Of course we all know the world needs blood, but that doesn’t totally explain it. Our men’s circle, MDI, has a principle in our Code of Honor, ‘Defend Humanity.’ but that doesn’t explain it either.  Maybe its more like Blood Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  If you read our ‘Only Connect’ blog by clicking on the ‘Connect’ tab above you’ll see that blood is a connective tissue. As a matter of fact, blood connects us all! You can also read Dan Kempner’s Blood is Connective Tissue: the Story of a 56er or, below that, Craig Jones’ personal experience of ‘Becoming a 56er’.

So, sharing blood is just something we do and you are welcome to join in. You can see the upcoming dates on our calendar:  June, August, October and ’round the cycle we go. Let us know you’re interested at Info@BloodDriveForLife.com and we’ll connect!  Oh yeah, and we’ll let you know when we’re going. Did I already tell you that?